Friday, April 8, 2011

Welcome to Trollshire

Skye The Troll wanted nothing more than to be like all the other trolls.
Illustrations by Brandon Morino.

Meet Skye the Troll who simply wasn't trolly enough. "Skye wished and wished for her back to hunch, to slobber and droll when she ate her lunch, for crooked teeth to fill her frown, then maybe they would grant her a troll-queen crown!" Skye finds being different isn't easy and goes on an adventure to find her place.

On her adventure, which was almost the same as being lost, she meets a wizard, gnomes and befriends a group of magical fairies. These unique and magical new friends praise Skye for her beautiful voice and invite her to join their fairy choir. Skye returns home to Trollshire with a new found confidence, finally happy to be her not-so-trolly self. Learn more about Skye and her other friends on our website:

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