Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Breaking News: Secrets of the Garden Gnome Finally Revealed!

The Anthem of the Garden Gnome 

There once was a little garden gnome,
the center of the veggie patch was his home.
He wished on every star that he could 
to be far more than just gnome-shaped wood.

Than one night beneath a silver full moon
The garden gnome whistled a strange little tune.
Of magic and whimsy the story is told,
He was carved of a tree ten million years old! 

A twinkle appeared in the little gnome's eye. 
Then wrinkled  his nose so happy he cried!
So delight was he that his wish had been granted,
& vowed to protect every vegetable planted.

Because of the gnome, your garden does grow. He's good luck for the clover, veggie & rose!

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