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po·lyph·o·ny [puh-lif-uh-nee] In music, polyphony is a texture consisting of two or more independent melodic voices. In literature, polyphony is a feature of narrative, which includes a diversity of points of view and voices.

"Skye the Troll & Other Fairy Tales for Children" is a unique tale from Apryl Skies and makes for an entertaining and fun pick for youthful readers. "Skye the Troll" is a fine addition to children's fiction collections, highly recommended."

 $1 will be donated to St. Jude Children's Hospital to help support Children suffering from Cancer for every book or DVD sold.

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Polyphony Pictures
Gold Pixie Award
winner for Animation in the stop motion category

Honoring Outstanding Creativity in
Motion Graphics, Effects and Animation

Skye The Troll

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Product Description
Apryl Skies creates a world of poetic fantasy and enchantment for children of every age in this series of whimsical fairy tales and poems. This colorful new anthology of inspiring musings by Skies is based on the cartoon series Polyphony - Be You And Accept Me Too!, winner of the 2010 Gold Pixie Award for animation. Skye The Troll was first featured in clay animation, but with illustrations By Brandon Morino, Skye returns to Trollshire and comes alive on the page. This book includes BIG Fish, Never Ranglebee The Mangle Tree, Rain or shine, Brave Pirate Joe and many, many more. A new classic collection of inspiring poems and fairy tales for children of every age! 

Author Bio: Apryl Skies, poet and creator of this exciting new series of original musings, reveals a lighter side with her third publication, Skye The Troll & Other Fairy Tales For Children. This spectacular new children's anthology is sure to enchant and inspire children of every age. Through poetry, humor and delightfully colorful illustrations, Skies paints an exciting new world of fantasy and whimsy in this fantastic new children's anthology.

    Our first installment of the Polyphony Series, Polyphony - Be You, And Accept Me Too! is now available and is suitable for all ages. This DVD consists of 3 fairy tales, our short film in clay animation, Skye the Troll, as featured in the Green Cinema at the 2008 Coachella Music & Arts Festival & Frankenstein Goes To Camp. 
This DVD also includes numerous learning segments, puppets, magic by The Amazing Zoltar, and over 2 dozen cartoons. Our segments contain a variety of many different mediums to keep learning fun and exciting, including clay animation, computer graphics and traditional  2-D animation! 
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